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Faculty of Engineering
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Fascicle V, Technologies in Machine Building

ISSN 1221-4566

Fascicle V, Year 2014

1. RUSU C.C., MISTODIE R.L. - World Robot OlympiadTM development in Romania

2. LAZAREVIC, A., LAZAREVIC, D. - Determination of the mold hollow dimensions for obtaining the correct measures of thermoplastic injection molded gears

3. POPA, C.L., TEODOR, V.G. - Graphical method in AutoCAD for profiling tools for generation of helical surfaces

4. MAIER, C., MOUFTIEZ, A., MA, R. - Dynamic load effect on the stress and strain of railway crossing

5. NEAGU, M., CRISTEA, A.A. - Forced convection heat transfer around a constant surface heat flux horizontal cylinder with baffles. Reynolds number Re<40 case

6. STOIAN, C. - Study regarding the slow speed motion stability in sledge-slide kinematical couples

7. MAHU, R., POPESCU, F., ION, V.I. - Numerical simulation of biomass combustion in a downdraft boiler

8. PAUNOIU, V., MARINESCU V., GĂVAN E. - Simulation of T tube hydroforming

9. SOLEA, L.C., BAROIU, N., SUSAC, F. - Rheological and tribological study on rapesed oil

10. BAROIU, N., DAVID, M., SUSAC, F. - Study concerning the pivot functionality of a vehicle steering system

11. VERESIU, S., RUS, M.A. - Rotor balancing with vibromatrix machine

12. GANEA, D., MEREUTA, E. - Kinetostatic analysis of knee joint using MBS simulation

13. BUCUR, A., POTECASU, O., MARIN, F.B. - Technique of windshield de-icing state prediction based on neuronal models

14. PAMÂNT, M., MARIN, F.B., MAIER, C. - Algorithm for assessment of truck brake temperatures evolution using SVM

15. TEODOR, V.G., BERBINSCHI, S., BAICU, I., BAROIU, N., OANCEA, N. - Graphical complementary theorems of enveloping surfaces